Mission Statement  

Timberline Schools exists to develop responsible, respectful, positive, and safe students!






       The mission of Timberline is to provide a student centered program designed to meet the unique curricular, personal, and social needs of middle school students.  Timberline will emphasize organization and study skills, with high expectations in academics to maximize achievement and to prepare for high school.


       The educational vision of Timberline is to promote the significance of education and life long learning as a tool to attain a desired quality of life and to develop an awareness of the importance of respect, responsibility, and rigor in our lives.  



Building Character

·         Promote individual student pride in themselves, their work, and their school.

·         Promote student respect for themselves and their natural environment.

·         Promote a mutual respect for others (and the property of others), and develop interpersonal skills to interact in a varied and changing society.


Building Responsibility

·         Develop recognition of personal responsibility to do one’s best.

·         Develop a parent / school / community partnership to promote responsibility, involvement, and guidance in the education of students.

·         Encourage ethical behavior and promote the responsibility of citizenship.

·         Provide effective parent communication to convey school vision, goals, programs, standards, and assessment results.


Building Academics

·         Provide all students an equal opportunity and a school culture for learning, participation, commitment, and success.

·         Provide a variety of positive alternatives and settings to accommodate differing learning styles and needs.

·         Provide support and academic counseling to prepare for successful transition to higher education.

·         Provide a core program that is aligned with state content and performance standards to produce students who are: literate critical thinkers, competent in the use of technology, understand other cultures, and lead a healthy life style.

·         Provide exploratory programs and activities designed to give students opportunities to expand their experiences through extra curricular activities. 

·        Promote an aesthetic appreciation of visual and performing arts.

·         Provide professional development for the FMS staff to improve core knowledge, instruction, and the use and integration of technology.

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