1st Grade Newsletter 2/6/2017


February 6, 2017 First Grade Newsletter




Mark your calendar for Make-up snow days March 3 and April 7


New in Math:  Students will be starting Module 3 Measurement.  New vocabulary is: centimeter cube, endpoint and table or graph.  Familiar terms will be:  less than, longer than, more than, shorter than and tally marks.


New in Reading:  In addition to the instruction all first graders receive in Reading Mastery, students also have the opportunity to work through my 118 decodable books.  The nice thing about them is they gradually get harder, they work on phonics rules and there are AR tests for most of them.  Those who finish all 118 books earn a milkshake from me and move right into AR books.  So far I have 6 students who have finished and 2 that should finish this week.  Hoping for more to come!!

    In Reading Mastery, our stories have gotten longer.  Students are answering questions about pictures in the book.  They are reviewing th, sh and ing.  The final -e rule is in practice.  Students are seeing lots of short and long vowel words in their stories.  Continue to practice any stories that come home.


Looking ahead:  I am sending home a student list for Valentine cards.  We will celebrate Valentine's Day with a Friendship party at the end of the day.  Students are invited to bring cards for their classmates.  If you to choose to send cards, please be sure there is one for each student.


-Attitude will always determine altitude.